Cleaner water to residents in Katrineholm, Sweden

A replacement of water pipe lines provided the citizens of Katrineholm and eight nearby cities in Katrineholm Municipality in Sweden with cleaner water of a higher quality than previously.

The cold Swedish weather can delay projects, and it also increases the need of quality products to withstand the cold weather conditions. Despite the long and hard winter during this project it only took one and a half year from the project started with the build of a waterworks in Forssjö until they were able to connect the new lines to the existing system and discard the old pipelines of Katrineholm.

Precautions needed to be made to ensure the pipeline network was resistant to the frost. Therefore, the new pipeline network, which is approximately 25.5 km, was installed in a depth of 1.5 meters. The pipeline network covers an area from Hulta in west to Flodafors and Sköldinge in the east of the Katrineholm municipality.

The water is pumped from a lake in the south of Sweden to local dams where it is filtered through eskers and delivered to the new waterworks to be cleaned and made drinkable. From here the drinkable water is pumped to the pipeline network and water tower. The transport from the lake to the waterworks takes approximately 2-3 months and this has great influence on the quality. The long travelling through the filtering eskers makes the water cleaner and colder which results in water of higher quality.

AVK has supplied resilient seated gate valves and Supa Maxi couplings for the pipelines going from the new waterworks to the water tower. The water company in Katrineholm Municipality, Sörmland Vatten, was very impressed with the quality of the valves and couplings, especially AVKs fairly new Supa Maxi™ coupling. They were pleased to find that the couplings were delivered with a mounting instruction easy to understand and fitted with lifting eyes and protection caps making the handling easy as well.

A year after the establishment of the new waterworks and pipelines everything is still running smoothly. The water company is so pleased with the products and the service AVK provided that a continuous cooperation with a wider product program has been initiated.

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