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Invicta’s detailed engineering survey is the critical element for successful operation to remove and replace DN1500 (9 tonne) butterfly valve.

Part of the AVK UK group of companies, Invicta has successfully removed and replaced a 9 tonne DN1500 butterfly valve at the Environment Agency’s strategic Kennett pumping station in Cambridgeshire.

Invicta’s client was ECS Engineering Services, a framework contractor for the Environment Agency.

The DN1500 butterfly valve is the main isolation valve upstream of the pumping station. The removal and replacement of the butterfly valve, gearbox and actuator was one of the final pieces in a major refurbishment of two of the station’s high-performance pumps.

Invicta’s engineers used scaffolding to access the valve chamber. At the heart of the operation was the removal of 104 x 1¾” flange bolts. The bolts had corroded over the fifty years since the construction of the pumping station and most required an angle grinder to remove them. In areas where access was particularly restricted flame cutters were used. The mains pipe was cut to allow for easier removal of the valve which weighed over 9 tonnes.

Jason Dunk is Invicta’s Contracts & Engineering Manager, site Install:

‘The butterfly valve is a critical element of the pumping station’s infrastructure and we undertook a detailed engineering survey of the site before removing the valve. However, as any engineer will tell you, even with all the pre-planning and design work, it is still a relief when a new valve and pipework fit into the line!

Once the replacement valve was in place we torqued up the flange bolts and fitted the new gearbox and actuator. The main was recharged and no leaks were identified. We then returned to site and completed the permanent support structure for the valve.’

The successful removal and replacement was completed within the designated two-week time window.’

Invicta Site Engineers and support personnel are amongst the best in the UK Water Industry, highly skilled, experienced and qualified – their safety and that of all stakeholders is of paramount importance on our projects and as such, all site personnel receive relevant training, certification and safety passports, including confined space.

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Invicta have over thirty-five years experience, supporting major contracting organisations, Mechanical Electrical Instrumentation and Automation (MEICA) specialists, civil engineering companies and local Environment Agency offices with their water management and flood protection projects.

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