Monitor water flow at strategic points with VIDI Flow

The VIDI Flow sensor monitors the flow level in the distribution network and helps you detect flow fluctuations in case of for example a leakage or burst. That way, you can easily discover irregularities and thereby reduce the level of non-revenue water (NRW).

How does the VIDI Flow work?

The VIDI Flow is a battery-operated device that can be installed together with a flow meter with a pulse output. It collects water flow data and transmits it wirelessly. It uses NB-IoT communication , has up to 10-year lifespan, and is IP68 approved. It consists of two parts: a transmitter containing all electronics, and a wire that connects to a flow meter with a pulse output. The VIDI Flow counts the pulses generated by the flow meter and translates it into average flow which is transmitted every hour.

Why monitor flow in the network?

Every day, millions of m3 water flows through the distribution network with the purpose of delivering drinking water to consumers. However, it is no longer just about producing enough water to meet demand, but equally as important to control the effectiveness of the network and minimise the water lost from production to end-consumers. 

By remote monitoring how much water flows through the pipes at any given time, water utilities can optimise the operation of the distribution network as it provides answers about leakages and bursts as well as the level of non-revenue water (NRW). 

Apply at strategic points in the network

Flow measurements are crucial to measure water supplied and consumed in the network. The majority of all households have flow meters to measure and settle water consumption. However, a limited number of measurements exists between households and the water works. Measuring flow at strategic points, for example in inlets to District Metered Areas, will help water utilities discover abnormal circumstances and reduce water loss.

Detection of leakages and bursts

To detect leakages and bursts, it is important to measure water flow at strategic points, regularly. With VIDI Flow, you are able to calculate the water balance continuously, and thereby perform active leakage detection with the opportunity to detect water loss faster and thereby reduce the level of NRW.

Discover trends and patterns in consumption

Regular flow measurements make it possible to analyse trends and patterns in the consumption and discover any irregularities.