Increase reliability in network measurements with VIDI Positioner

Monitoring the open/close position of valves provides valuable insights about the use of water distribution valves. Additionally, it helps increase reliability in other network measurements such as pressure and flow. That way, you can save valuable time and money in your daily operation of the water network.

How does the VIDI Positioner work?

The VIDI Positioner is a battery-operated device that detects the open/close position of your valves. It runs on NB-IoT , has up to 10-year lifespan, and is IP68 approved. It consists  of two parts: A magnet ring fixed to the spindle of a gate valve or extension spindle, and a rotating part placed on top of the magnet ring. The rotating part follows the movement of the spindle. It counts the number of turns and compares it to the specifications of the particular valve to detect the exact open/close position in percentages. It transmits data immediately when the valve position change followed by retransmissions in fixed intervals. In case of no activity, it transmits a keep-alive signal every 24 hours.

The VIDI Positioner can be retrofitted to already existing valves or extension spindles or it can be added to new installations.

Why monitor your valves’ position?

There are hundreds and thousands of valves installed in the network serving all kinds of crucial purposes. Gate valves are crucial in the distribution network, and typically they serve as subsection isolators or controllers of pressure and flow affecting the entire network.

But many of these crucial valves are buried underground, which makes it difficult to know exactly where they are, if they are opened or closed or if they are in any way damaged. Worst case scenario, a wrongfully opened or closed valve can influence other measurements such as flow and pressure, and thereby give incorrect information about the distribution network’s real condition. This can affect the ability to ensure a fully functional water network, and ultimately affect the service you offer your consumers.

With reliable data and knowledge about whether gate valves are opened, closed, or anything in between, utilities can quality-check measurements, optimise operation of the distribution network, extend the lifetime of other assets, and in the end save time and money.

Apply at crucial places of the network

Gate valves for service connections are very important to supply consumers. But the distribution valves  are also crucial to the functionality of the network. If one of the emergency valves are unintentionally open, it can affect the entire network. Typically, the VIDI Positioner is installed at these crucial points in the distribution network to detect the open/close status of the valve.

100% airtight section isolation

By monitoring boundary valves, you can ensure that section boundaries are 100% tight, and thereby avoid misleading flow and pressure measurements. And this way, you can perform more efficient leak detection as well as pressure management and reduce time spent on searching for anomalies caused by a valve that is not fully closed or open.

Operation registration

With continuous monitoring of valves, you are ensured automatic registration of operations, and thereby provided with more documentation and the ability to share knowledge between employees. 

Closure and maintenance plans

It becomes easier to make closing plans for installations of other maintenance tasks with automatic registration of valves. In addition, audits, and maintenance plans for regular operation of valves are done easily when possessing the concrete information about the position of the valves.



Save time and resources with remote valve monitoring

VIDI Positioners were added to vital valves in Strømmen water utility’s network. The personnel can now check the valves’ position remotely, eliminating any guesswork or manual check-up. Sounds smart, right?