Detect pressure fluctuations in the network with VIDI Pressure

Monitoring pressure at strategic points in the water distribution network provides valuable insights in the pressure level. This enables you to discover pressure fluctuations and thereby lower the risk of leakages. That way, you can save money and minimise consumer disruptions in the daily operation of the network.

How does the VIDI Pressure work?

VIDI Pressure is a battery-operated device that measures water pressure and transmits data wirelessly. It runs on NB-IoT, has up to a 10-year lifespan, and is IP68 approved. The VIDI Pressure sensor consists of three parts: A transmitter containing all electronics, a wire, and a pressure sensor. It transmits data every hour with a 5 minute logging interval.

The pressure sensor is placed in the waterway either through a tapping plug or tapping saddle.

Why monitor pressure level in the network?

Water utilities supply water in different terrain, which can lead to pressure differences across the water distribution network. As many water utilities deal with aging infrastructure, high fluctuations in pressure levels are a challenge as it forces the pipes to continually expand and contract. This can put stress on pipes throughout the network, potentially resulting in leakages or bursts. Also, many water utilities struggle with consumer complaints concerning lack of pressure, which is time-consuming to handle and investigate as well as finding and locating the cause of disturbance. Often, the lack of pressure is related to other consumer appliances instead of the distribution network.

With detailed knowledge about the general network pressure, water utilities can optimise the pressure in order to operate the distribution network more efficiently, reduce operational costs, secure consumer satisfaction, and limit the number of leaks or bursts from stress on the pipes.

Apply at strategic points in the network

The right pressure level in the network is crucial to deliver uninterrupted water to consumers. But every landscape is different – and so are the strategic measurement points. Depending on the design of the water distribution network the optimal location of pressure measurements will vary.

Prevent or minimise leakages and bursts

By monitoring pressure levels, water utilities will discover pressure fluctuations throughout the distribution network, giving them the opportunity to smooth out pressure variations and prevent or minimise potential leakages or bursts due to stress on the pipes.

Handling consumer complaints

With VIDI Pressure, water utilities will get a full overview of pressure levels throughout the network, and thereby be able to handle consumer complaints more efficiently and reduce unnecessary truck rolls, as they can identify the cause of disturbances faster.


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