Using SCADA systems

An entire network of products and systems working together

A SCADA system (supervisory control and data acquisition) is an industrial control architecture using computers, network data communications, and user interfaces for efficient process supervisory management.

A SCADA system excels by being able to monitor and control extensive processes in multiple locations concurrently, and over long distances. Through the user interface, it is then possible for an operator to monitor and issue specific process commands.

By adding intelligence to the equipment installed in the water supply system. It is possible to remove the need for human interference and adjustments; by adding some automation. This is able to receive input from the SCADA system where the equipment is able to react and communicate based on real-time data.

AVK has a wide range of product available for smart water management through the use of intelligent products and SCADA systems. Learn more below, or contact your local AVK for further information and inquiries.

Network communication

AVK control valves in water supply project

Strømmen Vandværk are initiating a large pressure management project with the assistance of AVK products and solutions