What is the AVK Smart Water solution?

IoT-driven technology

The VIDI Solution is an intelligent way to monitor water system infrastructure based on IoT-driven devices. It provides stakeholders with information that will give them the opportunity to make fact-based decisions instead of managing their distribution through assumptions; making AVK Smart Water devices gamechangers within water management. With the devices from the VIDI Solution installed across your water network, you can achieve a Smart Water Network. A Smart Water Network is a fully integrated set of products, systems and solutions that enable you to remotely monitor and diagnose problems, prioritise and manage maintenance issues, and optimise the entire network’s efficiency through technology and IoT-driven devices. 

Cloud-based solution

VIDI is a cloud-based solution that provides great value with data directly from the water system. In addition, you obtain value related to the fast provision, ease of use, independence from premises infrastructures, low cost of ownership and global access to the data. There is no huge capital investment related to the infrastructure and no high operational cost for the management service; only an operational cost related to the number of VIDI devices and the number of users for the software. You don’t need to buy and to setup dedicated hardware or software, but you can use any internet connected devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet, smart TV) to browse through your data from your VIDI devices. 

Access and interact with your data in real-time

The web-application VIDI Cloud is intuitive to use and enables the user to interact with the data, while security policies of each user define the level of interaction with the data. The cloud service holds many functionalities that will enable you to access the data. It gives you access to real-time monitoring, trend analysis, exporting, KPI and Software-as-a-Service. 



AVK Smart Water Network Management

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Digitalisation ensures safe and clean drinking water

Skanderborg Forsyning has a vast supply area in which they need to ensure safe and clean drinking water for the consumers. But it can be challenging to get a general overview of the fire hydrants’ status because they are placed around the supply area.
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AVK Smart pressure management

Water is a scarce resource that we need to protect and use with great respect. At AVK, we want to secure water for the next generations.

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