What is the AVK Smart Water solution?

Inside the distribution network there are multiple measuring points, but because the assets such as fittings and valves are buried deep in the ground, it is difficult to know exactly how these assets are positioned, where they are and whether they are intact or damaged. The AVK Smart Water solution is a way for utility companies to monitor the condition and specific assets in the water distribution network.

The AVK Smart Water solution is a combined solution of both sensors and software. The battery-operated IoT sensors collect and decode the data, and the software platform visualises complex data and turns it into valuable insights. The IoT sensors are designed to fit AVK core products such as gate valves, fire hydrants and AVK fittings. When installed, the sensors provide data directly from applications in the water distribution network and send the data to the dedicated software platform.

AVK Smart Water IoT sensors

The sensors are battery driven, thus flexible and easy to install. In addition, the sensors use wireless communication technology that enable them to send packages of data to the cloud and into a software platform.

The IoT sensors from AVK Smart Water include:

  • Pressure sensor
  • Flow sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Open/close sensor
  • Level sensor
  • Fire hydrant cap sensor
  • Valve position indicator

Learn more about each sensor in the IoT sensor brochure below.


AVK Smart Water software solution

AVK Smart Water offers a digital solution that collects and decodes data from the VIDI devices and converts it into understandable values. With this solution you can integrate data directly into your preferred IT-system or visualise it in AVK Smart Water’s own platform VIDI Cloud.

With sensors from the AVK smart Water solution installed across the water network, utilities are provided with more detailed insight about points in the network that were difficult to monitor before.

Furthermore, the software solution offers different subscriptions accommodating to every need. Read more about AVK Smart Water's software packages in the above flyer.

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AVK Smart Water digital monitoring

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About AVK Smart Water

For decades, AVK has been supplying reliable products that function as vital bricks in the puzzle of containing a sustainable and long-lasting water distribution network.

While this will also be the case tomorrow, it is important to meet the increasing demand for digitalisation in the market, keep track of new technologies and embed these in AVK core products.

Learn more about AVK Smart Water here.